About Us

We are a small team of people who have long been fascinated by high-grade knife products. 

Our main mission is to destroy stereotype that a good japanese kitchen knife is expensive and inaccessible to most people. 

Thanks to direct delivery from Japan, we offer competitive prices, exceptionally high-quality and original knives, optional advice and, if necessary, maintenance and restoration of the cutting edge. 

Prices at level of independent order in online stores abroad. 
Add to this the possibility of saving time and confidence that our company will do everything to make client satisfied. 

Doubts about originality and conformity of knives from potential buyers are unfounded today. 
Chinese knifemakers industry, namely from there comes greatest flow of fakes, currently not able to produce multi-layered steel and offer the final product of highest quality, with low cost. 

Now this is simply not possible, and are no replicas for products of the Tojiro, Kanetsugu, Hokiyama and Glestain brands, that reproduce all the features of original, were based on three-layer or more steel and low cost. 

There is a re-sharpening service, which is required after some time of regular use, usually it is 3-6 months. 
We make service via japanese Naniwa whetstones, and other high-class grinding tools.