About Us

We are a small team of people who have long been fond of knives

It all began more than fifteen years ago, with the acquisition of folding knives made by the USA.
When a cool & reliable cutting tool is in your pocket, it’s a revolution of consciousness.
Years passed, collections replenished, broadened horizons and experience for service.
Often, by visiting friends, was happened to helping in the kitchen, with a personal folding knife, which was the only sharp one.
The home knife set of many owners almost always be despondency, and strangely enough, our own knives were no better.
The severe contrast, against the background of dozens of branded knives not intended for the kitchen, which is gathering dust on a shelf, made us think about changing interests, and buying the first Japanese knives.

Further amazement, delight, and the main question — why this has not been done before?
The experience of owning expensive blades was extensive by then.
Judiciousness & a sense of limits of “what is possible, and what is what can not be done” were also present.
The formation of culture, most often occurs through the bump on the forehead, because alas few listen to advice, in practice.
We had this period, in the first years of hobby, and the bulk of the trials fell on the share of the folding knives.
So the new Chef-knives and Santoku, from Tojiro and Kanetsugu, immediately fell into a favorable environment.
These great knives, for many years, are our trusted helpers.

Then the idea arose to help everyone to fix the ingrained delusion — even if it doesn’t cut, but it’s cheap and not a pity.
A kitchen knives, in contradistinction to a pocket folder, is used in every family every day, and how it's good it affects the ability and desire to cook.
The search began for partnerships with trusted companies from the Land of the Rising Sun, whose products have been tested.
A huge personal joy was the opportunity to create direct contacts and establish cooperation.

Our mission — Every home should have a Japanese kitchen knife

Mr. Mitsuyasu Kawamura — Owner and CEO of Sekikanetsugu Hamono Co., Ltd.
Ms. Hiroko Fujita — Our Personal Manager
Mr. Shinjiro Kida — Head of International Cooperation Office
Mr. Hidenobu Muta — Head of Europe and Asia Supply Office
Photos with our partners - The representatives of companies: Seki Kanetsugu, Tojiro, Hokiyama Cutlery


Now, we represent in Ukraine, the products of companies: Seki Kanetsugu, Hokiyama Cutlery, NANIWA Abrasive, and of course Fujitora Industry Co. Ltd. owning trademarks — Tojiro, Narihira, Tojuro.
These are leading market companies, and their products have earned an excellent reputation outside of Japan.

Guaranteed Originality & Best Value

Original knives — thanks to shipment directly, from the manufacturers warehouse.
If you can find the same products in Ukraine at lower prices, we will sell them to you even cheaper — just give us a call.

Maximum information and free advice

We provide detailed descriptions and specifications.
All measurements are performed directly by our experts to publish reliable data.
If you did not find the parameters of interest in the product page, we can provide “live” photos, or perform additional measurements on request.
For clarifications by phone, you can ask also at the weekend — do not hesitate to demand clarification that you need.
Years of experience and knowledge of the products offered, as well as the opportunity to inspect before shipment, are the key to complete customer satisfaction.


All purchases may be returned within 14 days.
If the selected knife, did uncomfortable in the hand, it can be exchanged or returned within this period, or in some cases later.

Discounts and gifts

For customers, who have made repeated orders, there are improved price offers.
Due to our desire to offer a favorable price, many of our customers have already assembled large sets of Japanese knives, as well as acquired grinding whetstones.
We hold promotions, so do not forget to subscribe to the news by e-mail.

Delivery to other region of Ukraine

Most orders come from other cities in our country.
Prompt dispatch has been established, and special packaging in strong cardboard boxes, selected in size.
Before packing, inspection is carried out.

We try to talk more about kitchen knives, give an opportunity to touched and cut, so we participate in thematic exhibitions:

  • International Knife Show — Steel Edge
  • FORECH — International Expo-Forum Restaurant-Hotel Business and Cleaning
  • ACTIVEXPO FEST — Fishing. Hunting. Tourism
  • Exhibition of the Blacksmiths Guild and Knifamakers of Ukraine — “Decent Matter”
  • International Specialized Exhibition — Arms and Security
Photo 1 with our work at exhibitions

Photo 2 with our work at exhibitions

On Steel Edge, the organizers of expo, repeatedly held contests where everyone could try Japanese knives in action.
Winners, joined the ranks of the happy knife owners — winning the prizes.
The exhibition is always a feast, and the opportunity to better represent to guests, the products of Japanese knife manufacturers.
This inspires us to bring new items, to please buyers and friends.

Culinary competition at the exhibition Steel Edge, in which participants use Santoku from Seki Kanetsugu

Culinary competition at the exhibition Steel Edge, in which participants use Chef knife from Tojiro

A girl, buys a Japanese knife, at the Steel Edge exhibition

All the good ends sooner or later, and a good knife will last for many years

About our service

All are able to master the skill of the sharpening, but not everyone is interested.
Not only skills will be required, but also an arsenal of whetstones, different grain sizes.
A good set will certainly last decades, but this is a serious investment at the initial stage.
Understanding that only cutting tools that are not used, does not blunt, we organized a sharpening service.
We will be happy to help return the razor sharpness to every knife bought from us.
Sharpening is performed on Naniwa Professional Chosera water stones, or on a professional sharpening system, with constant angle retention.
By default, when restoring the original angle of the cutting edge is preserved, but at the request of the customer, we can change it.

If you still have questions — that's fine! We like to talk about blades, and how to re-sharpen your knife.