In addition to a good knife, in the kitchen arsenal a second most important is given to sturdy scissors.

The one who once tried a high-class and durable tool in his work, hardly returns to level below.

Specialized scissors made in Japan in Ukraine are very rare.

Most Japanese scissors are multifunctional and easily detachable for easier care and cleaning.

Here and a screwdriver for tearing off lids, and a nuts cracker or a clip for bottle caps & an ordinary beer bottle opener.

Design itself is characterized by power and solidity, capable of ensuring such a long service life that it is likely to be passed on to descendants.

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Tojiro FC-418 - Kitchen Scissors, stainless steel, 75 mm tip, Japan

Multifunction strong separable scissors.* * * * * * * *This kitchen multitool, including:Actually sc..

590.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 590.00 UAH

Tojiro FG-3500 - Multipurpose kitchen scissors, stainless steel, 70 mm tip, Japan

All-steel Japanese scissors.* * * * * * * *This kitchen multitool, including:Actually scissorsBottle..

990.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 990.00 UAH

Tojiro FС-421, Classic Chef's knife, online knives shop | Zalizko

All-steel split scissors.* * * * * * * *This kitchen multitool, including:Actually scissorsBottle Op..

790.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 790.00 UAH

Tojiro PRO FK-843 - Separable kitchen scissors, stainless steel, 70 mm tip, Japan

All-steel separable Japanese scissors.* * * * * * * *The best of Tojiro kitchen scissors.Professiona..

1,850.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,850.00 UAH