Hokiyama Sakon Kataha AUS-8 2 layers

Hokiyama Sakon Kataha AUS-8 2 layers

Precision and specialization are the main features of authentic Japanese knives.

Each task has its own solution.

Don't waste time, looking for a universal blade.

Versatility is all at the same time, but not too good.

The only clothes for all seasons, and one shoe for all year, make you smile.

Nevertheless, someone believes that in nature there is one knife "for everything."

Of course, this does not correspond to the real state of affairs.

In the east, achieving excellence in one's craft has always been considered an essential skill.

The Land of the Rising Sun has preserved the knowledge of many generations, thanks to the need to hone its art.

It doesn't matter which one. It is important to do this best of all.

This philosophy is firmly traced in everything, including in everyday life and the features of the kitchen.

Thanks to the desire to preserve and enhance traditions, and at the same time continuously improve, Japan has reached the pinnacles of development.

The intention to create the best products that absorbed the experience of teachers, the continuity in the transfer of best practices, and the use of the latest technology, allows to do truly unsurpassed things.

Traditional japanese kitchen knives, today are created in the same way as centuries ago with painstaking zeal, famous craftsmens forged the katana sword.

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Sakon Kataha 153103 - Yanagiba for sushi made of AUS 8 steel with 240 mm blade, Japan SOLD OUT

Sakon Kataha 153103 - Yanagiba for sushi made of AUS 8 steel with 240 mm blade, Japan

Many oriental dishes require perfectly smooth seafood slicing be in one movement.The knife for this ..

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