Sharpening Accessories

Sharpening Accessories

Do-it-yourself quality sharpening is a fascinating process & a useful skill for any owner of good kitchen knives, especially for a professional chef.

This skill takes time to master, good whetstones & of course you will need accessories to help you achieve a satisfying result.

You can contact our sharpening service, but if there is a desire to sharpen their knives independently, then it’s time to start building the necessary set.

In addition to main, that is Japanese whetstones, you should have a stand for fixing abrasives during operation, a dressing stone for leveling & preferably nagura, more fine-grained than the working stone.

All this is collected in the appropriate section, and is offered to your attention.

Things that may seem optional at first glance, have a clear purpose.

These are parts of the ritual from the Land of the Rising Sun, where much is built from details, everything is important in its own way.

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NANIWA A-206 - Leveling bar for whetstones #600, Japan

Keeping a constant angle when sharpening knives is extremely important. It depends on the indiv..

340.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 340.00 UAH

NANIWA A-902 - Stand for japanese whetstones, 222x76x36 mm, Japan

Reliable fixation of whetstones during operation directly affects the result. Even small but co..

1,170.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,170.00 UAH

NANIWA Artificial Nagura - #12 000, 60x30x20 mm, Japan

To prevent impurity of the surface of water stone with particles of removed metal, Nagura has long b..

990.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 990.00 UAH

NANIWA Artificial Nagura - #5000, 60x30x20 mm, Japan

To prevent impurity of the surface of water stone with particles of removed metal, Nagura ..

840.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 840.00 UAH