TOJIRO Aogami 3 layers

TOJIRO Aogami 3 layers

Specially designed for knives and other high-end cutting tools.

Reactive high-carbon steel alloyed with expensive additives.

Tungsten (W) - Forming hard carbides, that significantly increase hardness and wear resistance.

It also prevents the expansion of steel during heating, and helps to eliminate brittleness during tempering.

Manganese (Mn) - Increases impact resistance without compromising ductility.

Silicon (Si) - Adds elasticity, resistance to acids and the appearance of scale.

Chromium (Cr) - Reduces stain activity.

Aogami varieties (Ao-ko) are applied by many premium knife manufacturers from Japan.

Flawless purity (P <= 0.025%, S <= 0.004%) and high carbon contains (C 1.15-1.5) make it possible to obtain products with excellent characteristics.

Such blades are designed only for experienced users, and competent handling.

Retention of cutting qualities is excellent, since the usual hardening of this alloy is in the range 61-65HRC, which speaks for itself.

Add here small sharpening angles, and we get a very good kitchen knife for the connoisseur.

Due to alloying, patina resistance is higher than that of Shirogami, however, it should be remembered that it is potential rusty steel.

Modern cutlery of the "Blue Paper" is closest in it's properties to the japanese sword, a recognized masterpiece of medieval weapons.

Remarkable examples of oriental blacksmith art, which are not only a functional tool, but also a matter of reasonable pride for the owner.

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