TOJIRO MoV 2 layers

TOJIRO MoV 2 layers

A well-known problem of traditional Japanese knives is tendency of steel to rust.

Undoubtedly, high-carbon steel has a more aggressive cut, but for majority of inexperienced users, the pleasure of using is overshadowed by the appearance of stains on the metal.

This deficiency has been defeated by modern stainless steels, which largely retained cutting qualities and do not need to be immediately wiped, after being introduced into a moist environment.

Resistance to moisture is also necessary for sushi chefs involved in food production.

It is these properties that have remarkable one-sided blades from the Tojiro MV series with a composite bolster.

Resistance to corrosion is important to both professionals and enthusiasts engaged a cooking of sushi and sashimi at home.

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Tojiro MoV F-1057 — Yanagiba, stainless steel, 2 layers, 240 mm blade, Japan

Traditional Japanese slicer Yanagi ba.* * * * * * * *Special knife for thin cutting in one motion.Ya..

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