How to use and storage you'r knife

Care and storage tips:

Keep knives away from other metal things.

A suitable solution could be a magnetic strip, a twist-pocket, a special vertical or inclined table stand, in which blade is placed by cutting edge up.

For save appearance for a long time, better to handwashed blade by without using cleaning powders & scouring sponges, which will damaged soft steel of plates protecting cutting layer.

Reasonable to keep original box and case for transportation, for example, for sharpening.

Recommended to use only wooden or polymeric cutting boards.

Does not follow:

Do not use a glass, steel or stone work surfaces.

Cut on ceramic plates.

Cutting the frozen food products in a solid state.

The cutting (chop) large bones, such as cattle.

Giving large side loads, for example, hooking a covers, wedging with force, as well as using knife as a stair.

Don't make sharpening on electric machines, with high revs and a rough, dry abrasive disc.

Sticking to these simple recommendations, the owner will enjoy japanese knives many years.

Seki Kanetsugu ZUIUN Santoku 9303