Cutting boards

Cutting boards

The importance of a quality work surface for a good cook knife is hard to overestimate.

A well-known fact is that cutting edge, even with careful use, is gradually blunt upon kitchen board.

The ability to crash less into surface when working, and choice of appropriate material, most important point in competent organization of the knife-board combination.

In Japan, for a long time and everywhere, for production of kitchen accessories used tree Paulownia rare in Europe.

List of remarkable properties, namely, unusually light weight, high strength, soft interaction with cutting edge, and resistance to absorption of food juices, lead out this wood a favorite among the suitable materials.

Due to its merit, this tree is often also used in manufacture of expensive furniture, musical instruments, in yacht building and in expensive home items, in particular all kinds of caskets & saya, protective covers for various blades.

Resistance to moisture penetration, exceptional hardness for such a small mass make the Paulownia boards an amazing element in design of kitchen space, and sufficient practicality and durability, combined with a beautiful texture, turn these products into an interesting and unusual gift.

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Tojiro F-345 — Kitchen board 420x235x20 mm, Paulownia wood, Japan

Light japanese rare wood cutting board420 x 235 x 20mm* * * * * * * *Paulownia wood belongs to valua..

1,690.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,690.00 UAH

Tojiro F-346 — Kitchen board 450x295x20 mm, Paulownia wood, Japan

Light Japanese rare wood cutting board450 x 295 x 20 mm* * * * * * * *Paulownia wood belongs to valu..

2,390.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 2,390.00 UAH

Tojiro F-347 — Kitchen board 530x295x20 mm, Paulownia wood, Japan

Biggest Japanese rare wood cutting board530 x 295 x 20mm* * * * * * * *Paulownia wood belongs to val..

2,790.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 2,790.00 UAH

Tojiro F-348 — Kitchen board 350x200x20 mm, Paulownia wood, Japan

Light Japanese rare wood cutting board350 x 200 x 20mm* * * * * * * *Paulownia wood belongs to valua..

1,550.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,550.00 UAH