Knife sets

Knife sets

A set of good kitchen knives, best suited to needs of owner, is usually not bought, but assembled on basis of use experience & owner personal preferences.

Taking into account relatively high cost, it may take some time, and to determine necessary blade forms, and to understand what is missing in existing ones.

This is a normal process of improvement, and given emergence of new products, and changing the worldview of knife amateur, drawing up an ideal set, this is an exciting way.

To be limited to framework of knives series you like, or the manufacturer, this is not entirely true, especially for a professional who first needs a functional tool that performs assigned tasks.

It is necessary to start with something, therefore we offer several successful solutions that allow solving the problem of the ever-dull European knives at the same time, and join the Japanese knives world.

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Set of knives Kanetsugu 1012 Chef's knife & 1016 Petty. Stainless steel. Made in Japan

Inexpensive combination of main and auxiliary kitchen knivesIncludes:Gyuto knife Kanetsugu Sharpness..

1,320.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,320.00 UAH

Set of knives Kanetsugu 5003 Santoku & Kanetsugu 5001 Petty. Stainless steel. Japan

Balanced cook knife pair from an average and auxiliary knifeIncludes:Santoku Kanetsugu PRO-S 5003 — ..

3,760.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 3,760.00 UAH
Set of knives Tojiro DP F-302 Chef's knife & Tojiro DP F-304 Petty. VG-10 stainless steel. Japan Coming soon

Set of knives Tojiro DP F-302 Chef's knife & Tojiro DP F-304 Petty. VG-10 stainless steel. Japan

Kitchen knives set of proven VG 10 steelIncludes:Main knife — Tojiro DP Gyuto 180 mmAuxiliary — Toji..

2,990.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 2,990.00 UAH

Set of knives Tojiro DP F-311 Santoku & Tojiro DP F-313 Petty. VG-10 stainless steel. Japan

The pair of kitchen knives from proven VG 10 stainless steelIncludes:Santoku — Tojiro DP Santok..

3,450.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 3,450.00 UAH