NANIWA A-206 - Leveling bar for whetstones #600, Japan

NANIWA A-206 - Leveling bar for whetstones #600, Japan

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Keeping a constant angle when sharpening any tool is extremely important.

It depends on the individual skill of sharpener, and on how smooth the abrasive work plane is.

Stable & identical movements, but on an uneven surface can spoil everything.

That is why, should provide timely care & prevention.

The density of the bond, here is crucial.

It is also important to learn how to use as much as possible the largest place of whetstone.

Movement in center is not the best method.

Even with proper effort, any grinding bar needs to be restored.

This is a normal process, which will require an even and slightly rougher special stone.

Dressing Stone should not be confused with Nagura, the pebble with a small grain for make the suspension.

Having finished grinding, wash the surface thoroughly from coarse particles.

The procedure can be carried out either immediately after sharpening, or before work.

It should be noted that water stones with a traditional type bond, must be soaked before alignment at the same time as before work.

Always try to keep your kit in good condition.

Specifications of a whetstone:
Manufacturer: © Naniwa Abrasive
Serie: Naniwa Sharpening Accessories
Country of origin: Japan
Grain: # 600
Abrasive material: (WA) White Aluminium oxide
Linkage: Organic, with well water adsorbtion. Includes mineral fillers that regulate the physicomechanical and operational properties
Purpose: The alignment of working surface of whetstones, as well as the disclosure of abrasive grains, in the case of pollution & reduce working properties
Dimensions: Length: 65 mm, width: 47 mm, height: 32 mm (65 х 47 х 32 mm)
Weight: ≈ 200 g

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