NANIWA NAJ-502 - Inexpensive repair whetstone #220, 210x65x30 mm, Vietnam

NANIWA NAJ-502 - Inexpensive repair whetstone #220, 210x65x30 mm, Vietnam

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Basic skills & understanding of manual sharpening can be mastered on inexpensive Japanese whetstones. 

Especially, if the knives on which the sharpening is mastered, from cheap mild steel. 

Keeping the desired angle and repeatability of movements, at the initial stage, is the most important skill. 

Later, when everything will turn out well, it will be necessary to switch to stones with a high speed of work

The newbie may have enough budget water stones from a reputable manufacturer

Here you can be sure of a good balance of qualities for its price. 

By itself, these abrasives can oppose to the top-end series, only its low prices. 

They are fully consistent with the price-quality ratio, and allow you to achieve excellent household sharpness, with an easy passing of the “paper test”. 

Water stones of the VN Stone series need relatively long soaking, up to 10 minutes. 

Almost complete absence of air bubbles indicates a sufficient time in the water, and readiness for work. 

Subsequently, moisten the surface, as needed. 

For repair of edge damages, rough grinding & formed of the cutting edge, a coarse abrasive grain 220 is used. 

This save time, and presence of a roughing whetstone, always needed in any set for sharpening. 

After completion of the roughing step, it is necessary to proceed to a more fine grinding on an abrasive of 1000 or more. 

Finishing polish is considered to be 3000 or higher, depending on the desired result. 

Three-thousandth grain, will give excellent household sharpness, and purely processed surface of cutting edge. 

In case higher quality polishing is required, it is necessary to use 5000 or higher, up to 12000

Before storage, it is necessary to completely clean & dry your stones, away from the sun by following the alignment procedure via a dressing stone if it's necessary. 

Store best at mild temperature and humidity. 

Specifications of a whetstone:
Manufacturer:© Naniwa Abrasive
Serie:VN Stone
Country of origin:Vietnam
Grain:# 220
Abrasive material:(A) Aluminium oxide
Linkage:Organic, with well water adsorbtion. Includes mineral fillers that regulate the physicomechanical and operational properties
Purpose:Repair and formation of the cutting edge. Other work related to large metal removal
Dimensions:Length: 210 mm, width: 65 mm, height: 30 mm (210 x 65 x 30 mm)
Weight:≈ 1000 g
Base stand:Purchased separately

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