NANIWA P-306 - Professional ceramic whetstone #600, 210x70x20 mm, Japan

NANIWA P-306 - Professional ceramic whetstone #600, 210x70x20 mm, Japan

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There is a great variety of whetstones for hand-sharpening knives, but there is a quality & performance standard, and this is Naniwa (CHOSERA) Professional Stone.

Not cheap but the most useful acquisition of all.

Here are collected together, the best features grinding tools.

Any skilled specialist is looking for water stones that are not only good at grinding, but also capable of doing it quickly.

In addition to the simple saving of time and the ability to cope with the task faster, it is important to take into account the moments associated with fatigue.

When hand sharpening, you need the accuracy of movement, with the retention of the angle.

Each additional wire during operation increases the chance of making a mistake.

According to this, in Japan, they created a truly professional series.

For sale in the global market, without stand & with two effective sides, and on the domestic market with a glued platform.

The highest contains of selected abrasive grain, and multicomponent magnesia bonding with champion durability, ahead of the competition.

The main superiority of artificial abrasives, over much more expensive natural stones, in perfect consistency and the absence of unnecessary inclusions, spoiling the result.

Surpasses another, no less remarkable Superstone product line, through higher metal removal rate.

This is achieved by the highest content of the abrasive fraction of aluminum oxide (WA), in a solid and wear-resistant base.

Large size and thickness, designed to withstand sharpening many thousands times.

Needs to alignment surface with dressing stone is extremely rare.

Soak for a long time or keep them wet must not.

Enough to pour water & you can immediately to start sharpening.

It"s convenient to use a spray bottle for wetting during operation.

A wide range of grain for any purpose, will allow you to collect the necessary basic kit, which does not necessarily include all existing grit options.

A set of 3 or 4 whetstones will be balanced for all key stages.

You can always contact us for advice in selection of the optimum combination.

# 400 Coarse

Productive & relatively coarse grain for an unbroken, but thoroughly worn cutting edge.

It can also perform the elimination of chips and damage, also you can find a roughing bar from another series.

# 600 Medium Coarse

For cases where you need to remove the steel more than a thousand grit, but it is not necessary to grind too much.

# 1000 Medium

The main workhorse in any set. To remove traces of more rough processing, or restore cutting edge when scheduled service.

Allows you to achieve a normal sharpness of household knives.

# 2000 Fine

A good inexpensive next step, for example, from a 1K to 5K, as it has a low price than the next one.

# 3000 Extra-Fine

Finishing, also suitable for edge editing & as an intermediate, between 1K to 10K.

# 5000 Very-Fine

Suitable for final polishing, also a good transition in the progression between # 1000 to 10 000.

# 10000 Extremely Fine

The thinnest, able to give a phenomenal sharpness & mirror shine, any high-quality and hardened knife steel.

It does not matter if it is powder high-speed steel, or hardened Shirogami, the result will be unsurpassed.

To prevent impurity, and for formation of an auxiliary suspension, we recommend to use the Artificial Nagura.

The grit number of Nagura, must be necessarily higher, respectively, the particles are smaller.

Specifications of a whetstone:
Manufacturer: © Naniwa Abrasive
Serie: Professional Stone (CHOSERA)
Country of origin: Japan
Grain: # 600
Abrasive material: (WA) White Aluminium oxide
Linkage: Inorganic multicomponent ceramics with magnesia inclusions, with faintly water adsorbtion
Purpose: Repair and formation of the cutting edge. Other work related to large metal removal
Dimensions: Length: 210 mm, width: 70 mm, height: 20 mm (210 x 70 x 20 mm)
Weight: ≈ 780 g
Base stand: Purchased separately

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