NANIWA S2-491 - Professional whetstone #12 000, 210x70x20 mm, Japan

SOLD OUT NANIWA S2-491 - Professional whetstone #12 000, 210x70x20 mm, Japan

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The Naniwa Super Stone water stones, have earned recognition as full-size, high-quality abrasives, with delicate metal removal and wear resistance. 
The customer-oriented assortment, and the affordable pricing policy of the company, served as a significant component of popularity. 
Each sharpening master can afford such an acquisition, given the fact that the service life of the whetstones of this series is very long. 
With proper use, they will last a lifetime. 

The manufacturer has maintained a high level of production for many decades, and thanks to this, Naniwa Abrasiwe products are recognizable and known throughout the world. 
Marking S2 Super-Stone, differs twice as thick (20 mm), which gives durability and resource for many years, which can compete even with the Professional series

For the basis, a multicomponent resin bond is used, which gives the following advantages: 
  1. No need for long soaking. After moistened surface, immediately ready to work. 
    For humidification & purification, only room temperature water is needed. 
    To accelerate the formation of auxiliary suspension, we recommend using Nagura
  2. The high contain of abrasive grain, gives the result quickly, without the accumulation of fatigue of attention, increasing the chances of mistake. 
  3. Resistance to the appearance of a “saddle”, and the lack of need for constant monitoring of wear, due to the density of the binder composition. 
  4. Low risk of damage due to improper handling. 
  5. Due to their relative ductility, they are excellent for sharpening knives from hardened high-carbon or powder steels with increased hardness. 

The largest range of grit is represented in this product line: 

Necessary for repairing chips or re-sharpening to another angle, extremely blunt or damaged blades. 

Standard coarse whetstone for an unbroken but highly worn cutting edge. 

For removal traces from previous roughing, or restore cutting edge at planned sharpening. 
Allows you to achieve a common working acuity. 

Finishing, suitable also for editing, and as an intermediate, between previous and 10 — 12K. 

Suitable for final polishing, as well a good transition in progression between a thousandth and 10000 or 12000. 

An excellent final step for very sharp knives and razors made of high-grade steel, as well as a tool for woodcarving. 

# 12 000 Mirror Polish
Through to ultra-fine grain, it will help to get phenomenal sharpness and mirror shine. 
Popular for the finishing of dangerous razors. 

Before storage, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly in water, without the use of detergents that do not accelerate the process, but which can cause harm. 
Then dry the set away from the sun, after completing if necessary the leveling procedure using a special Dressing stone

It is recommended to store in premises with moderate temperature and humidity. 

Specifications of a whetstone:
Manufacturer:© Naniwa Abrasive
Serie:Super Stone (Naniwa Sharpening Stones)
Country of origin:Japan
Grain:# 12 000
Abrasive material:(WA) White Aluminium oxide
Linkage:Organic, with faintly water adsorbtion. Includes mineral fillers that regulate the physicomechanical and operational properties
Purpose:Thin finish, giving phenomenal sharpness and mirror shine, any high-quality & hardened knife steel
Dimensions:Length: 210 mm, width: 70 mm, height: 20 mm (210 x 70 x 20 mm)
Weight:≈ 700 g
Base stand:Purchased separately

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