Hokiyama Sakon Ryuga SRS-15 3 layers

Hokiyama Sakon Ryuga SRS-15 3 layers

The core steel in the SAKON RYUGA series is extremely wear-resistant high carbon SRS-15, hardened to extreme hardness of HRC-64.

Probably the best japanese steel for kitchen knives.

The molecular structure of expensive powder alloys is capable of providing excellent cutting properties, long-lasting sharpness, and simple subsequent re-sharpening, which is just as important.

To protect the cutting layer, are being made the covers from SUS 405 stainless steel, connected to the core by forging welding.

In the forms of these wonderful knives, the knifemakers of HOKIYAMA Cutlery, embodied all the features inherent in the western kitchen blades of the highest class.

Namely, a somewhat larger spine thickness, giving a more pleasant feeling of tool in the hand, and the familiar european style handle, carved from a very durable and high-quality stabilized wood.

These are real works of knife art from Japan, made to the tastes and habits of users from Europe and the USA.

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Sakon Ryuga 155111 - Santoku SRS15 from powdered steel with 180 mm blade, Japan

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5,390.00 UAH
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Sakon Ryuga 155513 - Utility knife from SRS15 powdered steel with 150 mm blade, Japan

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