Kanetsugu PRO-S 1K-6 single layer

Kanetsugu PRO-S 1K-6 single layer

PRO · S - This is a line of practical knives, with an all-steel handle, which have already been appreciated by professionals, and users choose unpretentiousness and usability.

Ergonomics and balance are thought, and can rightly be considered exemplary.

The relief pattern inheriting tsukamaki (a braid of sword handles) and special matte surface, treatment destroy ingrained stereotype about slippery and uncomfortable metal handles.

The locksmith fit is done so precisely that the design gives the impression of a single whole.

The acuteness and subtle information are similar to the well-known PRO-M series of a recognized bestseller who brought fame to the company.

The steel is processed using cryogenic sub-zero hardening technology, which removes surface stresses and significantly improves the product life.

An important advantage is the more affordable price, to leading Kanetsugu PRO-S knives to top in popularity.

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PRO-S 5001 - Petty knife from MoV steel 130 mm blade. Kanetsugu, Japan

Wonderful functional and practical petty knife from undervalued series with a steel handle.* * * * *..

1,290.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,290.00 UAH

PRO-S 5002 - Utility knife from MoV steel 150 mm blade. Kanetsugu, Japan

Practical utility knife of the average size.* * * * * * * *The form allows you to cope with most of ..

1,390.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,390.00 UAH

PRO-S 5003 - Santoku knife from MoV steel 170 mm blade. Kanetsugu, Japan

Santoku, or Tri-pod knife, from the professional Kanetsugu PRO-S series.* * * * * * * *Frequent gues..

1,890.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,890.00 UAH

PRO-S 5004 - Chef's knife from MoV steel 180 mm blade. Kanetsugu, Japan

Small chef's knife, the main competitor to Santoku.* * * * * * * *Choice of form in this case is rat..

1,890.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,890.00 UAH

PRO-S 5005 - Chef's knife from MoV steel 210 mm blade. Kanetsugu, Japan

Reference class Chef knife from the average price range.* * * * * * * *It's magnificent, and much mo..

1,990.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,990.00 UAH

PRO-S 5008 - Boning knife from MoV steel 145 mm blade. Kanetsugu, Japan

Special butcher knife Honesuki.* * * * * * * *The powerful blade from stainless steel, is intended f..

1,890.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,890.00 UAH