TOJIRO BASIC VG10 3 layers

TOJIRO BASIC VG10 3 layers

Updated series of Japanese kitchen knives — Tojiro BASIC

Inexpensive, well-balanced knives of the Tojiro BASIC series defeat all competitors in terms of price-consumer properties.

Top knife steel VG10, used by many Japanese manufacturers for mid- and premium-class knives.

Apart from Tojiro, no other Japanese company produces inexpensive kitchen knives from this steel.

"Professional sharpness in your home"

The thin blade, with double wedge geometry, easily penetrates the product being cut.

The blade convergence is thin, about 0.5 mm, which is ideal for a variety of slicing products.

Hardness 60 HRC, made for champion retention of working sharpness.

The heat treatment of Tojiro knives made from VG10 steel can confidently be called exemplary!

The blade holds its edge well and can be sharpened well with high-quality abrasives.

The Tojiro BASIC series includes all popular types of Japanese kitchen knives, namely:

  • Chef's knife
  • Santoku
  • Nakiri
  • Universal auxiliary knife

The design of the handles is refined, carefully thought out, and comfortable in the hand.

The handle material is a wood-polymer multilayer composite with water-repellent impregnation.

Thin layers of wood, firmly glued together under pressure, and stronger than any untreated wood.

The full-length shank is securely fixed in the handle with three rivets.

Each knife is packed in a good quality cardboard box.

Previously, a transparent polyethylene blister was used.


  • Blade – Three-layer sandvich VG10 (forge welding)
  • Core – VG10
  • The linings – 13 chrome corrosion-resistant steel.
  • The handle – reinforced laminated wood.
  • Country of manufacture – Japan

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Tojiro BASIC F-316 — Santoku knife, from VG 10 steel, 170 mm blade, Japan

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Tojiro BASIC F-318 — Petty knife, 3 layers, VG10 steel, 135 mm blade, Japan

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