TOJIRO MoV single layer

TOJIRO MoV single layer

The series includes mainly specialized knives for cutting bread and baking, as well as for use in food production or grocery stores.

A distinctive feature is the low cost, combined with high performance.

All models are designed by engineers at Tojiro for the needs of mostly professionals.

The quality material of blade and handle, have a great resource and are designed for many years of service life.

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Tojiro F-687 — Bread Knife, stainless Mov steel, 270 mm blade, Japan

A good bread knife is vital for any pastry chef.It should not be considered intended only for slicin..

3,190.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 3,190.00 UAH

Tojiro F-737 — Bread & bake knife, stainless steel, 235 mm blade, Japan

Inexpensive japanese bread knife.* * * * * * * *Special knife for bread and baking.It will be especi..

1,390.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 1,390.00 UAH

Tojiro F-816 — Salmon Knife from MoV Steel, 300 mm blade with dimples, Japan

Special knife for cutting fillet of salmon, as well as other fish.A long and springy blade, equipped..

3,130.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 3,130.00 UAH