NANIWA T-102 - Traditional peeling whetstone #220, 210x70x20 mm, Japan

NANIWA T-102 - Traditional peeling whetstone #220, 210x70x20 mm, Japan

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One of the oldest series produced by Naniwa Abrasiwe

This is a classic of full-sized Japanese water stones, which have earned a reputation as an inexpensive sharpening tool, with excellent grinding characteristics. 

The wear-resistant binder, and the high content of the crystalline fraction of aluminum oxide, made them an excellent choice. 

Due to the affordable cost, buying a kit, or single models from this line, will be a reasonable step if you want to save, with a slight decrease in productivity. 

Here are all basic grit sizes for high-quality sharpening of any existing knives

The base that holds the crystals and releases the suspension for gliding is also important. 

The harder the bond, the slower the wear. 

Coarse — T-102 labeled # 220 

Designed to start work if restoration of chips, other major damage is required, or when the task is to change the current angle of cutting edge. 

Repair, and rough grinding, requires aggressive steel removal and wear resistance. 

Medium — T-210 with # 1000 grit used to remove traces of peeling 

Here, processing time is important to remove gross scratches. 

The blade will already be acceptable to cut. 

Finishing — T-380 where you can achieve the highest level of polishing thanks to the thin abrasive grain # 8000 

The final stage needs precise movements, with low pressure. 

Each mistake can hurt in the final stage, so amateur of sharpening should regularly maintain their skill. 

By means of high-quality equipment, i's also a pleasure not only from the result, but also from the process. 

The long soaking required by Naniwa Traditional Stone is a technical feature. 

The multicomponent bond here, is not so dense and let's water deeper than for example The Professional series (CHOSERA)

Therefore, you can no need often moisten the work surface during sharpening. 

Before storage, required thoroughly wash whetstones without using detergents and dry away from the sun. 

If necessary, make the leveling procedure using Dressing stone

Specifications of a whetstone:
Manufacturer:© Naniwa Abrasive
Serie:Traditional Stone
Country of origin:Japan
Grain:# 220
Abrasive material:(WA) White Aluminium oxide
Linkage:Organic, with well water adsorbtion. Includes mineral fillers that regulate the physicomechanical and operational properties
Purpose:Repair and formation of the cutting edge. Other work related to large metal removal
Dimensions:Length: 210 mm, width: 70 mm, height: 20 mm (210 x 70 x 20 mm)
Weight:≈ 550 g
Base stand:Purchased separately

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