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Sakon Kataha 153103 - Yanagiba for sushi made of AUS 8 steel with 240 mm blade, Japan

Many oriental dishes require perfectly smooth seafood slicing be in one movement.The knife for this ..

3,530.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 3,530.00 UAH

Sakon Ryuga 155111 - Santoku SRS15 from powdered steel with 180 mm blade, Japan

A model of convenience and multitasking, as early as the 20th century, became Santoku from Japan.Pro..

5,390.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 5,390.00 UAH

Sakon Ryuga 155411 - Chef's knife from powdered steel with 210 mm blade, Japan

Excellent balance of possibilities & the greatest versatility, the main features of the Chef’s k..

6,840.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 6,840.00 UAH

Sakon Ryuga 155513 - Utility knife from SRS15 powdered steel with 150 mm blade, Japan

A small knife, sometimes more useful than a large knife, when dexterous movement is required and it ..

4,270.00 UAH
Ex Tax: 4,270.00 UAH