Glestain Honing rod - High quality ceramic sharpener. Rod length 280 mm. Japan

SOLD OUT Glestain Honing rod - High quality ceramic sharpener. Rod length 280 mm. Japan

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Every owner of quality kitchen knives, wants to keep them sharp. 

The aesthetics and quality of dishes often depend on this, because with blunt knives, it is extremely difficult to quickly and beautifully cut products. 

Japanese whetstones, or another solid sharpening system in this case, will be an excellent choice to maintain good sharpness. 

If the cutting edge is simply bent over during work, you can do the correction. 

This method is especially characteristic of European cutlery, thevast majority of which made a soft steel. 

Damage are constantly forming on them, and with the help of honing rod you can quickly restore the sharpness to acceptable. 

This technique is used by professional chefs many times during the working day. 

The made in Japan blades, are more hard hardened and do not need daily alignment of the cutting edge. 

Only ceramic or diamond sharpening rod are suitable for this procedure, and a regular metal stick does not give the desired result. 

The smaller the dark traces from the removed metal, the more delicately work of ceramics. 

Glestain's superior honing rod, practically not removes steel, allowing you to return the necessary geometry without blade wear. 

Big length, which is important when working with large blades. 

You can easily get by with one movement to the side, without deviating from the right direction "to the grain." 

The hexagonal section makes it possible to adjust the contact of the rod with cutting edge. 

If you needed a minimal impact, use ribs of facets. 

When more thorough correction is required, it's possible to contact along the facet, increasing the area of ??contact with abrasive surface. 

Pleasant in the hand and thoughtful Oak handle, makes it easier to control, and can be impregnated with oil, for durability and long life. 

Such processing will help to additionally show the texture of the wood and get a unique pattern, different from the rest. 

This is the best tool for restoring blade acuity, which match to the general exemplary level of Glestain products. 

Specifications of an sharpening rod:
Manufacturer:GLESTAIN / Honma Science Co. Ltd.
Country of origin:Japan
Grain:Fine grain β‰ˆ 1500
Material:Inorganic multicomponent ceramics
Rod length:280 mm
Rod cross-section:Hexagonal
Handle material:Natural oak
Overall length:395 mm
Handle lenght:105 mm
Weight:148 g

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