Repair tip and sharpening of the classic Chef knife Tojiro DP F-808

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Repaired a strongly bent tip of Gyuto Tojiro F-808, followed by sharpening. 


Fujitora Industries makes great knives, offering a truly huge assortment. 

The main distinguishing feature of their approach to production is the honed hardening technology. 

The "Golden Ratio" was precisely found and fixed by the firm’s specialists. 

Excellent repeatability, for different models from different supplies, be arouses respect. 

Without exaggeration, hundreds of products from this manufacturer passed through our service, and everywhere there was a predictable and similar behavior of steel during sharpening. 

If the person who had taken this “Chef” into his hands to bend, stopped a moment earlier, the tip could have been returned. 

Since the conditionally permissible limit was crossed, the beginning of the alignment ended twice with a broken tip. 

A time-consuming procedure for lowering the spine was necessary. 

As a result, the tip turned out to be more resistant to the following attempts to misuse. 

It should be noted that the hostess is a real professional, and uses it carefully. 

Damage caused by another, careless user. 

Common sense probably tells you that break open be better with a screwdriver or opener. 

They will not be able to cut, unlike a good blade, but they can easily cope with can lid and the like. 


Most of the damage to Japanese kitchen knives comes from not always healthy curiosity. 

We try to help out in such cases that every kitchen has a high-quality and sharp cutting tool. 




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Repair tip and re-sharpening Tojiro DP Chef's Knife 210 mm photo 1Repair tip and re-sharpening Tojiro DP Chef's Knife 210 mm photo 2Repair tip and re-sharpening Tojiro DP Chef's Knife 210 mm photo 3


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