Kanetsugu knives - Amazing sharpness

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Kanetsugu - Amazing sharpness!



To reach the top of the cut quality, the company was able to rely on many of its own development, testing and feedback from customers. The workshop is located in the city of Seki (Seki city), the capital of the Japanese knife industry with a 800-year history of making swords. Nowadays, Kanetsugu makes katana-sharp kitchen knives at quite affordable prices.

We are pleased to present the unusually sharp kitchen knives from Kanetsugu. For more than 660 years, the traditions and techniques of Kanetsugu blacksmiths, preserving the experience of generations, are passed from master to apprentice.

Mitsuyasu Kawamura-San, a representative of the current generation of blacksmiths Kanetsugu and the president of Kanetsugu (Seki Kanetsugu Hamono Co., Ltd.) have developed the extremely successful PRO-M and PRO-S series, with the clear intention of giving the legendary sharpness of the Katana sword to modern kitchen knives.

Chief's knife Kanetsugu PRO-M 7005

The master managed to achieve the goal by combining the ancient traditional geometry of the blade with advanced production technologies. When the PRO-M and PRO-S series were first presented at a demonstration show in Las Vegas in 2006, Kawamura-san demonstrated the amazing capabilities of his knives, in a series of tests for cut quality. Later, he successfully repeated this demonstration in a cooking school located in Las Vegas.

Every spectator who watched the demonstration was amazed by the incredible sharpness and long-lasting preservation of the cut quality at the Kanetsugu knives.

Chief's knife Kanetsugu PRO-S 5005

The cost of knives of the Pro M and Pro S series is affordable and not burdensome for novice users, for serious home amateurs and true kitchen professionals. The knives are perfectly balanced, they feel light and dexterous in the hand, and their comfortable handles with rounded edges provide excellent grip with the palm and comfort when held.


Blades of knives Kanetsugu PRO-J, have a unique forged pattern that reduces the adhesion of products. And Hamaguri-ba (convex blade profile) provides an exceptional cutting ability. High-quality cobalt stainless steel ZA-18, an improved version of the well-known VG-10, is the basis of the package in the knives of this series. This steel (ZA-18) allows cutting of the cutting edge practically “to zero”, at the same time providing good resistance to lateral loads and wear resistance (HRc 60-61).

Chief's knife Kanetsugu PRO-J 6006

Knives with a blade in the SAIUN VG-10 Damascus plates (HRc 60-61) not only provide an exceptional cut, but also have an Premium appearance, underlined by a magnificent 33-layer Damascus pattern and a durable Micarta handle.


Finally, the affordable and practical Hybrid Wa Bocho Kanetsugu series, a line of traditional Japanese knives with an asymmetrical blade, traditional for Japan, a champion of durability of the cutting edge and thin cutting in one motion. This series has a practical aluminum handle that is not afraid of being constantly in a wet environment, so it works great as a professional sushi master tool. Traditional forms made of modern materials, including a blade of molybdenum vanadium stainless steel with hardness (HRc 57).

Also SEKI KANE TSUGU produce low-end series of knives for home cooking or beginner chefs.

These are the Miyabi Issin and Kireaji-Kakumei 21 excel series

Utility knife Kanetsugu SAIUN 9001

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